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Getting arrested is no laughing matter, and waiting in jail for your court date is out of the question. However, with bail representing a significant amount of money for most families and individuals, there may seem to be no alternative. But there is light at the end of the tunnel. Raising your bail money and getting out of jail and back to your family and job could be a phone call away. Get 24 hour bail bonds in San Diego. That’s right: no matter what time of the day or night it is, you can get us working for you to raise your bail faster than you would ever have believed.

Get of jail and get on with your life

A sojourn in jail is uncomfortable in a great many ways. For example, employers are sure to find out what’s afoot, and that can damage your reputation at work, even if you are not guilty of the offense you have been charged with. What’s more, you will want to prepare for your case with the help of your lawyer, and you will want to comfort your family and be comforted by them during what is surely a very stressful time in your life and theirs.

Clearly, you’ll be relieved to know that a bail bonds company can help you out, but what is the cost to you? That all depends on whether you abide by the terms of your bail.

List of services we provide

What will help from our bail bonds company cost?

To explain the process, we will begin at the beginning. After your arrest, you will either be released on your own recognizance or a judge will specify a bail amount to be paid. Bail is fully refundable – provided you abide by the terms set out. Specifically, you will be expected to appear in court for your trial.

The cost of your bail will depend on a lot of factors including the severity of the crime with which you have been charged and whether the judge believes you’re likely to head for the hills the minute you get out of jail. To limit temptation, your bail will be set at an amount that you would prefer not to forfeit. In simple English: it will be a substantial sum of money.

Chances are, you are unlikely to have that much cash easily accessible, and raising it would prove difficult for you or your family. That’s where we come into the picture, getting you out of jail in 5 easy steps.

  • You contact us and ask for help
  • We charge you 10 percent of the value of your bail for our service
  • You provide collateral
  • We pay the bail money direct to the court
  • You get out of jail

Easy, right? But obviously, we also have to protect ourselves. If you don’t arrive in court on the day, we stand to lose all our money. Clearly, we can’t afford to do that. Thus, we will ask for collateral. In other words, you or your family would have to say how they would raise the money to repay us if you don’t get your bail refunded.

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What sum of money is required by courts in California?

Bail could be anything from $20,000 to $5 million. If you wanted to raise that kind of money to post bail on your own, you’d probably have to sell off assets in a hurry, possibly getting a lower value than their real worth. Perhaps you are thinking: “I don’t even have that much in assets, how will I raise my bail now?”

Don’t despair. If friends, family and associates are willing to stand surety, pledging assets of their own should you fail to arrive for your court appearance, all will be well. Your bailbondsman will work with them to get you out of jail. However, you should remember that they are taking a risk on you now, so be sure to honor their confidence in you by ensuring they won’t have to forfeit these assets.

With the help of a San Diego Bail Bondsman, you will only end up having to raise 10 percent of your bail amount. Unlike bail, it won’t be repaid after your court appearance, but it’s a small price to pay for being able to get out of jail fast. You may be sure that we will earn our fee by working on your behalf to ensure that you spend the least possible amount of time incarcerated.

Appearing in court is your obligation

By helping you to post bail, we are also giving you a vote a confidence. And if we’re trusting in you, only think of the people who will suffer if the full bail amount has to be forfeited. It’s also worth thinking what will happen to you in the long run if you do skip court. A warrant will be issued for your arrest, and there is little chance that you won’t be rearrested in the long run. Honor your obligations and be there!

What happens after you appear in court for your trial?

Whether you are found not guilty or guilty, your bail is fully refunded because you kept your side of the deal. Our company gets its money back, and the jail bond no longer exists. That means that you, and any friends or family that helped you with collateral, are now officially in the clear because the loan has been repaid in full. We no longer have any claim on the collateral offered. And since your 10 percent fee has already been paid, that’s the end of the matter.

Our company provides the following services:

  • DWI car release bonds
  • Probate bonds
  • License bonds
  • Estate Bonds, Executor bonds
  • Permit bonds
  • Receiver and Administrator bonds
  • DUI bail bonds
  • Domestic violence bail bonds

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Our San Diego Bail Bonds company values include courtesy to clients and their family members, absolutely straight dealings with no hidden costs, and respect for you as our client.

Getting a bond agent is as easy as getting in touch. You can do that by calling us, or by contacting us through our online bail bonds service website. Getting affordable bail bonds for our clients is our business, and we have many happy clients who were able to minimize the pain of pretrial incarceration through our service.

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