Booking Process

Your loved one may be arrested by the local San Diego police, but they will be taken to another facility for their booking and detention. The male arrestees are booked in the San Diego Central Jail or at the Vista Detentions Facility. The female inmates are booked either in the Las Colinas Detention Facility or at the Vista Detention Facility.

You may be feeling worried about what is happening during the time your loved ones are in jail. Unfortunately, relatives and friends are not allowed to visit during the booking process. It will be helpful to know the basic booking process to keep you sane while waiting for news about your loved one.

Since the bail may only be posted once the booking process is complete, you may opt to call a bail bonds agent in San Diego to hasten the posting of bail for your loved one. You can already accomplish the necessary paper works for your bail bond request so that your bail bondsman only needs to post it when the booking process is over.

Booking is the first part of the detention process. It is when the information of the arrested person is collected and stored in the database of the detention facility. For you reference, we have listed the primary information taken during the booking process.

Physical Examination

The defendant is given a thorough physical and mental examination by a licensed medical practitioner to ensure that the accused is fit enough to be detained in prison. In addition, it will be a danger to the detention center if the defendant has any communicable disease.

The physical examination will also reveal if the defendant has any injury that requires medical attention.

Personal Information

The police officer will interview the accused person to get his personal data and other pertinent information about the crime he is accused of. The police officers will also check for criminal records and warrant of arrest.


The mugshot is the official photograph of the arrested person in the police records. The picture is consist of the front view and side view shots of the defendant’s face. The photo will also bear the defendant’s name, height, crime committed, and the date when the mugshot was taken.


Fingerprints will be taken using a Live Scan machine. Ink prints may only be used if the Live Scan equipment is offline for an extended length of time. The fingerprint of the accused will be kept on record for an indefinite amount of time. The police may also use the fingerprints collected in their crime investigation.

Personal Belongings

The defendant needs to surrender all of his personal effects before he is detained to ensure that he will not carry any illegal items in jail. Please note that only clothing, purses, and personal effects on the inmate’s person will be accepted.

The detainee needs to confirm that all the items taken in custody are recorded in the inventory. The confiscated items will be placed in a plastic bag, then sealed.

Strip Search

This may be the most invasive procedure because the defendant needs to take off some or all of his clothes so that the police officers can conduct a thorough search. This is done not to humiliate the defender, but to ensure that no contraband can enter the prison facility. The accused person may not be subjected to strip search if they have posted bail or granted an own recognizance.

After the booking process, the inmates will be taken to a designated holding area until they have their first court appearance. The inmates with posted bail bonds will then be released from custody.

The booking process is consist of the said activities.  It will take time to complete it, but be sure to hire a professional bail bondsman to help you get everything sorted out without any fuss.