We know the difficulty of having to bail out a loved one out of San Diego jail custody. The frustration and the financial repercussions can affect your family in more ways that can be explained. Sometimes, it seems easier just to let the course of the justice system take place.

However, we understand that it is not easy to let a family member or friend just rot in jail when there are options available to temporarily regain their freedom while the cases are still being heard. Let our reputable bail bond agent assist you in this fast but grueling bail process. You can call us anytime, and we mean 24/7 even on holidays.

We have listed our FAQs to familiarize you with the important thing to know about bail.

What is a Defendant?

A crime suspect that is obligated to appear in court is a defendant. The defendant is held by the law enforcement officials in custody unless bail is posted for his temporary release.

What is a Bail?

A bail is a commitment given to a court for the conditional release of the defendant from jail. The bail can be settled using cash or property or through a bail bond. The intention of a bail is guarantee that the accused person will be in court for his trial.

Who is allowed to post bail?

If the accused party or his relatives are financially capable, they may pay the bail in cash at the jail where the defendant is held.

However, the offender and his family usually do not have enough money to settle the bail so a licensed bail bond agent in San Diego, may post a bail bond for the defendant instead.

How does bail bond works?

A bail bond is signed by the defendant and the surety that guarantees the court of the defendant’s attendance in all of his court schedules. The surety of the pledge is the licensed bail bond agent. The defendant will be given temporary release from custody upon posting of the bail bond.

Who are the Bail Bondsmen?

The Bail Bondsmen are certified and governed by the California Department of Insurance (DOI). The job of the bail bond agent is to be the surety of the bail bond they issue to the court. The bail bond agent will post the bail bond to the court so that the accused person will be given a temporary release from the police custody. Please note that the premium paid to the bail bondsman is not refundable.

How much do I need to spend to get bail bond?

The Department of Insurance in California sets the same premium rate for every bail agency in San Diego. Currently, the bail bond premium is set at 10% of the bail. To give you an idea, your premium fee is 3,000 if your bails is set at $30,000.

The bail amount is fixed by the County. It may still be adjusted based the nature of the offense and the offender’s history in the penal system.

The DOI also gave bail bond agents a reduced rate of 8%, instead of 10%, to clients that meet one of the following criteria:

  • The offender has a private attorney
  • The offender or his relatives are part of a worker’s union
  • The offender or relatives are currently serving or a veteran of the US Military

You can call our Bail Bondsman anytime for any questions that you might have. We have different payment arrangements that can accommodate your needs. Oftentimes, we even don’t ask for collateral at all.

Is Collateral necessary?

Our Bail Bonds Company determines if collateral is required depending on the case. We may issue a bond even without collateral or just require a co-signer. However, there are cases, such as when the defendant is high-risk, that we may require a collateral.

Please call our bail bonds agent  if you have concerns about collateral so that we can explain it further. Keep in mind that your collateral will be returned if the defendant continues to appear in court until the resolution of his case.

What happens if the defendant skips court appearance?   

The court will immediately order the arrest of the respondent by issuing a warrant. The bail is also forfeited in this case. The cash bail will not be given back to you anymore. The bail bond company will also pay the court and get a refund from the defendant or other parties who signed in the bail bond document.

The defendant is given 180 days from the issuance of the Forfeiture Notice to present himself and provide a satisfactory reason for the absence. After which, the court will exonerate the bail bond.

How long should we wait before our loved one is released?

The bail process varies in each jail. Usually, a city penitentiary can release the defendant after around an hour while a County penitentiary could take at least twelve hours from the time the bail was posted. The bail can be posted after the booking procedure of the San Diego Police is completed.

The bail bonds agent will be there to make sure that the process is done in the fastest way possible. We only want one thing, and that is to regain the liberty of your loved one.