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It is troubling to learn that one of our loved ones is in jail. Another troubling thing is how to get them out when we do not have enough funds to bail them out. The bail could run in thousands to a million, so it is no joke to be caught empty handed during this crucial time. Having bail could define the fate of your loved one. The jails are not your idea of a haven while waiting for your loved one’s case to be decided.

There are four major prisons where your loved ones could be detained. These are the major jails in San Diego.

  • The San Diego Central Jail – This is a men’s facility in downtown San Diego where most of the arrestees in the County are detained.
  • Vista Detention Center Jail – This is a men’s facility that handles arrestees in the North County of San Diego.
  • Las Colinas Detention Facility – This is where all women arrestees in San Diego County are taken into custody.
  • Chula Vista City Jail – This is the only independent city jail in San Diego This facility provides arrestees with the chance to bail. Otherwise, they will be turned over to San Diego County detention facilities.

Our bail bond company  can help you bail out your loved one by posting a surety bond for them. A bail bond is an agreement made by the defendant or his family and the bail bond company that pledges the presence of the accused in all court schedule.

The great thing about bail bond is its affordability. You only need to pay the premium amounting to 10% of the bail amount. In addition, you can pay the premium with flexible payment options. No need to call all your long lost friends to come up with a cash bail. Our bail bondsman got it covered.

The process is fast and convenient. We can even complete the following steps through fax or email.

  1. Get in touch with our San Diego bail bonds agent so that we know the circumstance of your loved one. We will also get some information about your financial status so that we can proceed with the approval process. Please note that we need to know this information because you are still liable to pay the total bail amount in case the defendant skips his court dates.
  2. Once our company approves your bail bond request, we will send you the forms that you need to sign. We can send it to you by email or fax, and you can return the forms to us using the same method. If you opt to meet us in person, that is possible, too.
  3. Our bail bond agent in San Diego will go to the prison where your loved one is detained to post his bail bond. He should be released in a few hours depending on the processing time of the jail. Even if you cannot go to the prison, you can be confident that we will be there to see the process through.

With our bail bond service, you can see your loved one out of jail in the fastest and most convenient way. Stop worrying about your loved one and call our professional bail bonds agents in San Diego. We are licensed by the Department of Insurance in California so you can be assured that our service is legit and meets the Department’s stringent standards.