When your loved one is arrested in San Diego, they will be initially taken to a San Diego Police Station for processing. During the booking process, interviews and forms are being prepared. The process may often time take a few hours so do not worry when you are still unable to find your loved ones information on our jail system.

The male arrestees are booked in the San Diego Central Jail or at the Vista Detentions Facility. The female inmates are booked either in the Las Colinas Detention Facility or at the Vista Detention Facility. Here are other detention facilities in the County.

  • East Mesa Reentry Facility
  • Facility 8 Detention Facility
  • George F. Bailey Detention Facility
  • South Bay Detention Facility

Most inmates in the County jail are eligible for bail. Please call our local San Diego bail bonds company as soon as you find out that your loved ones are held in custody so that we can bail them out fast.

We have provided other helpful resources on bail bonds and the San Diego jail facilities for your reference.

  • How Bail Bonds Work

Please watch this video for a quick explanation on how Bail Bonds work.

  • Bail Bonds Agent Licensing

Please visit the link to know the requirements to apply as a licensed bail bondsman.

  • Bail Schedule

Please click the link to access the latest bail schedule of San Diego County.

  • Inmate Locator

Click this link to search for the information of your loved one in Sheriff’s custody.

  • San Diego County Jail Information

Click this link to know contact information for San Diego County Jail. It also features VINE (Victim Information and Notification Everyday). It is an app especially made for prison inmates and their families to allow their family to get notifications when the arrested party has been moved to another facility or has already been released.

  • San Diego Detention Facilities

You can access the link to know the different detention facilities in San Diego County. You can see information about the detention facility through this link, too.

  • Visiting Information

Click on the link to know visiting rules and schedule in San Diego detention facilities.

  • Jail Booking and Classification Procedure

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  • Jail Information on Release from Custody

You can access the following link to know the release policy of the San Diego Jail.