Why You Need a Bail Bondsman

financesYou don’t need a bail bondsman to post bail. But in certain instances, you might find that working with a bail bondsman is preferable to the alternatives.

Of course, the number one reason why people go to a bail bondsman is that they cannot afford their bail. Then going to a bail bondsman might be their only option because the fee that a bail bondsman charges are comparatively lower than posting the full amount of bail yourself.

If you don’t use the services of a bail bondsman, your other options include posting a cash bond yourself or asking another person to post bail for you. Even if either or both of these options are available to you, a bail bondsman might be your best option. Here’s why:

  • You maintain control of your finances

Being involved in a criminal proceeding, facing criminal charges and the prospect of jail time, can be extremely traumatic for everyone. It can also take a toll on your finances. Being released from jail on bail is far preferable because not only does it allow you to prepare better for your defense, you also have the option of continuing to work and to earn a living in the meantime.

Just because you are involved in a criminal case doesn’t mean that the world stops. You still need money to eat, to put a roof over your head, and to pay for various other expenses for you and your family. Also, you will also need to pay for the services of legal counsel and to pay for the different court fees during your trial. That means that you need to stay on top of your finances. If you post a cash bond, that means you are surrendering a good chunk of your money to be held until the case against you is resolved with finality. And this could take a long time.

It is true that you at least get the amount you posted as cash bond back after the case is over, less court charges and fees, regardless of whether you are found guilty or not. But this means going a long time without the full use of your money. If you hire the services of a bail bondsman, however, all you need to do is pay a considerably smaller portion of that amount (or 10 percent), and as long as you attend your court hearings dutifully, you will not have to pay any further amounts. Meanwhile, your money remains in your control.

  • A bail bondsman can help facilitate your release as quickly as possible

Getting defendants out on bail is what bail bondsmen do. It is their business, and with years of experience behind them, they know the ins and outs of the court system, at least insofar as the bail process is concerned. If you hire the services of a bail bondsman, you get the benefit of this knowledge and experience to your advantage. That means that your jail holding-time can be reduced because they will help facilitate your release at the soonest possible time, sometimes even within 24 hours of signing an agreement with them. They know which paperwork to file, which offices to go to, and which persons to talk to. But most importantly, they have the ready resources to post a surety bond in the full amount of your bail, whereas it might take you or your loved ones some time to bring together the full amount yourselves.

All this translates to lesser time you need to spend in jail, which is always a good thing. Being put in jail is not a pleasant experience for anyone, and it can potentially leave you with negative experiences and memories that could stay with you for a long time.

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